Chevrolet El Camino 1974, 350 TPI

This car has been in the family since 1997. Our first overhaul took about 8 years to complete, it got 350 TPI with TH700 from 1990 Pontiac Trans Am GTA, limited slip diff and bucket seats. It was sold to our famous TV cook friend Rain Käärst and we built an awesome BBQ oven to fit a whole pig and that looks like a huge V8 engine. As the oven weighs 600kg, we had to fit much tougher springs in the back, but the car could not be  driven without the oven, as the shocks were maxed out and rear suspension did not compress at all. So in 2012 we did everything all over again and while we were at it, we added air suspension and customized the body. In 2013 we built second oven, this time from stainless steel, so it would be easy to maintain and so it would last longer. _IGP4369_small396714_213350905422928_935587480_n396941_213336855424333_1248148743_n _IGP4371_small _IGP4392_small 2012-04-05 10.55.44 2012-04-18 13.37.59 2012-04-30 10.54.39 2012-05-13 23.32.32 2012-05-19 10.45.20 2012-06-07 14.16.52 2012-07-06 17.04.53 2012-07-20 09.42.36 2012-07-20 09.44.29 2012-07-25 15.34.31 2013-07-11 11.35.38 Camino1 must siga

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