DSC_0024During dark soviet times in Estonia, a man called Artur Mosovski decided to build himself a sports car (no such things existed in SU). Few others wanted to get this car as well, so altogether 4 fiberglass bodys were built, of which only three were on the road. This car could not exist in soviet union, as the law allowed only 900 cm3 engines on self built cars, whereas it was built on Lada chassis with 1200 cm3 engine, but it did exist and it drove around full throttle. This car is just one good example of character, that a man had to have to make it happen, when everything was forbidden, nothing could be bought from shops, no tools, no money, but he still got it done!

It took lots of guts to start the restoration on these cars, as what was delivered to our door, was a sorry excuse for a car. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully soon it can be driven again. 2013-01-17 12.45.06589_8964 2013-01-17 12.45.26 2013-01-17 12.45.42 2013-01-17 12.45.55 2013-01-24 08.13.08 2013-02-11 17.09.44 2013-03-02 21.34.36 2013-07-19 11.40.59 2013-07-22 17.19.25 140214 artikkel1 Copy of DSC_0411 Copy of DSC_0412 Copy of Untitled-Scanned-04 Copy of Untitled-Scanned-07 silm upsidedown


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