Corvette C3

It came to us with simple problem, the engine had no oomph. I mean, whoever it was in GM, who thought it was enough for such a beautiful sports car to have 165 bhp, was just out of his mind. After considering all possibilities, changing heads, stroking and etc, we decided to go with more modern fuel injected LT1 engine and 4L60E box, to make it a good and fast street car. We ported the heads, installed GM Hot cam with 1.6 roller rockers and tuned the computer. One of the weirdest things about LT1 on is that there is no water pump pulley and due to lack of room under the bonnet we had to install electric power steering pump. And at the latest stage it got nitrous, with which it ran 11.9 ET at 1/4 mile, with street tires and in full street form. And the best part is, it uses 12L/100 km of fuel, so we clearly succeeded in creating a good and fast street2013-05-21 09.50.51 2013-07-14 17.04.53 2013-07-28 09.57.05 DSC_0026 Corvette C3.

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