This one is customized for the bossman Lauri by himself. Ibanez started as a project for Juss, but it sort of ended up at the corner for years, until Lauri discovered it and found that this is an excellent guitar, with classic Les Paul shape, but with carved top and really light weight. So a deal was struck and two layers of carbon cloth was laid on top of it to make it sound and look nice. To accent our racing heritage, the backside is painted aluminum silver – carbon and aluminum are the most used materials in racing. It had to get a Seymour Duncan Invader for bridge humber of course, so it would sound similar to the red Washburn axe he has had since 1992 and DiMarzio for neck, same as the red axe. Lately it has seen a lot more use than the V shaped neck Washburn, so it must have turned out pretty good.carbonez carbonez2 carbonez3

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