On the Ice with formula 2004

It was a sunny wintersday in estonia, temperatur was +2C and we took one of our training cars to the ice track on the lake. It was much fun, we raced many times estonian rally champion Gunnar Tamm, which is faster on the ice, the Subaru or Formula car. Our rear tires were quite dead, carburettors freezed, but we only lost by a very small margin, so we concluded, that with a proper preparation, formula would still be faster on ice as well. Drifting friends, what do you think of the angle? It was pure drifting all the way, the throttle controlled the angle and steering helped turn into corners.jäärada jäärada2 jäärada3 jäärada4 jäärada5 jäärada6 jäärada7 jäärada8 jäärada9 jäärada10

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