Laitse chapel stained glass windows

This is the biggest stained glass project we have done so far, 8 windows for a chapel near Laitse castle, 2 of which can be opened. It was a challenging work, as windows higher than 60 cm require additional support, otherwise they will fall apart during time. That said, the two windows that had open, were especially difficult to make. We made special steel frames for all windows and double steel frames for the ones that can be opened. There are two hidden 4X12 steel crossmembers on each window on the inside, that is glued to the led came. The windows have been done in the same oldschool way as they have been traditionally done for many centurys all over the world. To give them long life and waterproofness, all cames-glass joints have been filled with putty, as there is no additonal glasses to protect them from elements of the weather.971534_461559243935425_1106685112_n 1452488_547838758640806_1411407123_n 5457_461559660602050_1504505147_n received_10203884936426010-1

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